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All of our foam machine solutions are completely biodegradable, keeping the surrounding environment free  from harm and eliminating the need for clean-up.


Even guests with sensitive skin and allergies can have a blast at your foam party, thanks to the hypo-allergenic formulations of our foam machine solutions.

Non Toxic - No Dye

Forget worrying about permanent stains and lasting damage, because our foam machine solutions are all non-staining, unscented, and safe for kids, pets and the environment.

What is a foam Party?

It’s a party with foam, kid-friendly music and beach balls! Our awesome FOAM CANNON shoots out foam bubbles that can fill your backyard, playground, schoolyard, or anywhere you can imagine in a 30 X 30-foot area up to 4 feet deep with our REFRESHING, allergy-free, environmentally friendly foam.

Your children have never seen anything like it and they’ll LOVE it!

Foam Parties are perfect for birthdays, daycares, school events, church events, and any party for kids and adults alike!

We bring the fun and Entertainment to YOU!


  • Non-stop fun for the entire family.
  • An interactive experience that gets everyone involved.
  • Loved by children, teens, and adults of all ages!


Foam Party Packages

Build Your Foam Party

Packages start at $290 per hour for a standard on-trailer residential foam party.
Special Events (School, Church, Community events, Etc.) start at $325 per hour for a standard on-trailer foam party. 

What We Need For A Standard Foam Party:

Power Source

Access to a grounded electrical outlet within 100 ft. Of our foam cannon.


Water Source

Access to a water hose spigot within 100 ft. Of our foam cannon.


Outdoor Space

At least a 20×20 ft area. Grass and Pavement both work fine.



On Trailer Set Up:
We set up everything and shoot foam from on our
trailer. Most popular option.
Off Trailer Set Up:
We unload all equipment and set up to desired
location within 100′ of water source.

On-trailer is the most popular and economic option for our foam parties. We pull up to your curb, driveway, or anywhere we can park our truck and trailer. We set up everything and shoot the foam from our trailer. We do understand that not every event can accommodate this option, so we do offer to unload and set up to the location of your choice for an additional fee.

Below you will find the available add-ons that may be required for a successful foam party:

  • No Power – No Problem. We can provide a Generator Power Source.
  • Off Trailer – For foam parties located off our trailer (backyard, park,
    community center, etc.)

Foam Party Themes

Choose the theme that best suits your party. Our Foam Party Jr. theme is perfect for the little ones while Our Lizardparty.com theme suits all ages.

For the kids

Theme intended for children. Includes family friendly music.

Older Kids, Teens & Adults

Non-Childish theme. Includes playlist of the Musical Genre of your choice!

Glow Foam Party

UV glow foam party with Ultraviolet lighting system, lasers, and music.

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